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Pathway Taster Programs

Getting started on VET Pathways

Our Pathway Programs are designed to give your students a range of experiences and options. Students can try out a diverse mix of qualifications, giving them insights into different industry areas, building their skills, engaging them in a variety of hands on learning experiences and helping them to feel confident about their decision-making and opening up choices and pathways as they head into their senior years.


The links below show examples of our Pathway Programs. Be in touch with us to discuss your specific context and student cohort so that we can help you to design a Year 9 or 10 taster program just for your students and your timetable.

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Customising your VET Program: Choosing Elective Units

For each qualification that we offer, we have chosen units that we think work well and suit students in the secondary school context. If you would like to contextualise your program to be the perfect fit for your school, your student cohort and the aims of your VET program, please talk to us about options of borrowing (importing) units in from other qualifications. 


This is allowed in the packaging rules of almost all qualifications, and we can support you to make the most of this feature to design VET programs that suit your student needs and your school setting.

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Empower your students with diverse learning pathways

Our mission is to provide schools and teachers with tailored support and flexible learning approaches for your students. Submit an enquiry via our expression of interest webform or contact us to request a demo from our friendly team!

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