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Teaching VET: TAE40122

Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

Within ReadCloudVET, Ripponlea Institute (RTO 21230) is a provider of the TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.


Our courses and delivery models are tailored to the specific context of secondary school VET programs. We take great pride in our strong rapport with school management and teaching staff, always striving for a personalised approach when collaborating with individual schools and teachers.

In order to be able to teach VET, qualified teachers have several options:

  • Complete 3 units to attain TAESS00019 Assessor Skill Set*

  • Complete 5 units to attain TAESS00024 VET Delivered to School Students TeacherEnhancement Skill Set*

  • Complete the full TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Please note that, while qualified secondary school teachers only need to complete a 3-unit Skill Set in order to be fully qualified to deliver VET, people on Permission to Teach / technicians / primary school teachers need to enrol in a full TAE40122.

Supporting Teachers for Success

Ripponlea emphasises engagement and understanding, with ongoing support and encouragement throughout the course. To assist learners in their studies, we provide clear steps and instructions, personalised feedback, ongoing tracking of units attained, and positive and immediate responses to all approaches for help and advice along the way.

We tailor our courses to teachers' needs, making sure that coursework is relevant to their area of teaching, suitable for their school context, and that their learning can be transferred effectively into classrooms when they begin to deliver and assess VET programs. We aim for teachers who complete the TAE with us to feel passionate and excited about teaching VET, and competent and confident as they get started.

Contact if you have any questions. Please be in touch if you would like to discuss a tailored course for your school and teachers.

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